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If you have a pool, you’ll have a pool fence. But is that fence compliant?

Despite fencing being mandatory to have a backyard pool, the rate of children drowning is alarming. What’s even more alarming are the numbers of homeowners who have a pool without a fence or one that is fenced incorrectly.


What’s the law with pool fencing in Sydney?

By law, you must have a four-sided fence around every side of a pool that is capable of being filled to a depth of 300mm of water or more. This includes spas, inflatable pools, wading pools, and even plastic portable pools.

But that’s not all. The fence itself must be compliant with Australian Standard AS1926.1-2012 – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.


How do I know if my pool is compliant?

You don’t – that’s our job! We ensure your pool fencing meets the legislative requirements, which is complicated depending on the age of your pool as designs and standards have changed significantly. Some of the things we look at include:

  • The locking mechanisms on your pool gates and any other entry points to the pool (including self-closing door hinges)
  • Fence height, and
  • The ability to use any surrounding objects as climbing aids (non-climbing zones).

We look at every element of the fence with the goal of preventing children five and under from gaining access without adult supervision.


What happens if my pool is compliant?

We’ll write you a Certificate of Compliance, which will be lodged with your local Council (Blue Mountains, Penrith or Blacktown).


What happens if my pool isn’t compliant?

You’ll receive a Certificate of Non-Compliance, as well as a written notice of Non-Compliance that details where, how and why the fencing doesn’t meet the standards. It also outlines those changes you’ll need to make to become certified. You have 90 days to make those changes before your local Council (Blue Mountains, Penrith or Blacktown) is notified.

We’re here to support you become certified – and safe. So our pool fencing inspections include:

  • Clear and accurate reporting
  • Photos of non-compliance areas
  • Reports issued within 48 hours
  • A reminder text sent a month before your pool fencing certificate expires.

Can I do a self-assessment of my pool fence beforehand?

Absolutely! You can educate yourself as to what’s required in NSW via the NSW Government Swimming Pool Register site, where there is a range of self-assessment checklists depending on your pool.

We work to the NSW Government requirements so we prefer that you measure against those standards, too.

What do I need to know if I’m buying or selling a house with a pool?

It’s now law that shared pools, or anyone selling or leasing their house with a pool, need to have a valid pool compliance certificate.

So whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or renting, we can help ensure your pool fence meets all legal requirements, the future of your tenants or buyers is safe, and you’re protected from hefty fines.

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If your pool fencing doesn’t comply with the new pool fencing legislation in NSW, you can be facing a hefty fine for non-compliance.

But the truth is, you can’t put a price on a life. 

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